McDermott Monday: the Rest of Gen 2

Since the McDermott clan tends to produce a lot of children, I am going to release the non-heirs in one giant post. It isn't that they are less important, but rather the time it takes to produce individual posts isn't within my purview right now. So I give you, the non-heirs of Generation Two. Fun … Continue reading McDermott Monday: the Rest of Gen 2

McDermott Monday: Zac McDermott

Zac was originally going to be the only heir in this legacy, since he has his father's hair and eye color, and possesses magic...but why have one heir when you can have two? The next McDermott born after twins Alex and Lin, Zac has the same personality and aptitude as his father, though a bit … Continue reading McDermott Monday: Zac McDermott

McDermott Monday: Alex McDermott

The oldest child of Generation 2, Alex is the happy-go-lucky, easy-going one of his siblings. Alex was one of the few born without magical talent, so he overcame his "ordinary"ness by developing his curiosity about the natural world. Alex and his twin sister Lin are inseparable, getting into all kinds of trouble when they were … Continue reading McDermott Monday: Alex McDermott

McDermott Monday: Nathan McDermott

I know I still have two more sims to offer to wrap up Winchester Wednesdays, which I hope to finish this week, but I've been meaning to start posting download links for the McDermott clan. Let's start with Nathan, the founder, whom I had once offered as a follower's gift on Tumblr. I have a … Continue reading McDermott Monday: Nathan McDermott

Winchester Wednesday: Donovan Winchester

Donovan Winchester. Youngest in a large household. A little spoiled. An odd duck and born to tinker. Personality    Traits   Eccentric | Genius | Inappropriate | Perceptive | Vehicle Enthusiast Sign   Cancer LTW   Monster Maker Favorites Food   Lobster Thermidor Music   Kids Color   White Custom Content (not included, only necessary to make her look like her pictures) … Continue reading Winchester Wednesday: Donovan Winchester